About Us


Haring Brothers, Inc. is a full-service country butcher shop offering a wide variety of quality meats including fresh beef, veal, lamb, poultry, fowl, and seafood to name just a few. Our meats are freshly cut and cut to order to our customers' satisfaction. Our steaks are hand trimmed to our customer's specifications. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality meats and personalized service. Everything is cut to order to meet our customers' satisfaction. 


Our History

Haring Brothers was founded over 70 years ago by Clyde and Wilson Haring. They started their business by delivering home dressed meats to the Glenside area. Eventually, one brother stayed back and operated the retail store while the other took the truck to the customers. In the late sixties, they stopped delivering and only operated the retail store; they also did custom meat cutting for local farmers and wild game processing for local hunters. 



Today, the shop is owned and operated by Glen Moyer and Jeffrey Yothers. We continue to offer the same high quality meats and personalized service that the original Haring Brothers started with over 70 years ago.  

Whenever possible, we buy our fresh meat and vegetables from local farmers, including agricultural students at Delaware Valley College.   We also offer glass-bottled, "Farm Fresh" milk from Penn View Farms of Perkasie, Pennsylvania. Haring Brothers, Inc. also does custom cutting and wild game processing. Feel free to call us or stop in at the shop with any questions or to place an order.